Friday, December 30, 2011

Call me Mow

See?  I told you she was getting crafty.  Rose is starting to blossom into one of the most rewarding areas of life -- making stuff.

That's the technical term.

Of course, when you start making stuff -- okay, when you start crafting, you start wanting to make things for other people.  And I, as her loving mother, am honored to get first dibs on her crafting prowess.  Everybody wants to make stuff for their moms, right?  I mean, I am her biggest fan.

And oh, yeah.  I've now gone from "Mom" to "Mow."  But I think it has a nice ring to it, don't you?

She was so delighted to get this for Christmas.  And she was bugging me for days to get started.  But it is in my nature to micromanage.  Therefore, she had to wait until I could sit down with her to get her started, and there are, like, three other kids, and, like, where did all these kids come from???

But when I actually did schedule the time, of course, since she's one of the smartest people ever, it took about half a minute to explain it to her so that she would understand.

Fine then.

She may as well move out and get a job.

But I would miss her.

Never mind that her necklace has way more beads than mine.  It's not a reflection of her feelings toward me, but more that this was her first necklace, and she hadn't yet realized that she would eventually run out of materials.

I'm, like, 85% sure.

Like, my California roots are showing.

I digress.

Here's the one Rose made Ivy.  Gotta think of your sisters.

And Lily's.  Isn't it beautiful?  I may never have to spend another dime on jewelry as long as I live.  I mean, the colors just brighten up your face.  

I would show you the one she made Nana, but she's selfishly wearing hers at the moment.

I'm so excited.  It's only the beginning, I'm sure.  Of course, she's already mentioned to me that at this rate, she'll run out of beads very soon, long before she's done making necklaces.

Oh, dear.  

Better start saving, Rose.  Welcome to crafting.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Reasons for me to be cheerful this lovely Florida winter afternoon:

1.  I just had a lovely lunch of egg sandwich on and everything bagel with cheese and Tabasco.  I love Tabasco.  I put Tabasco on eggs, on my cheeseburger, on my Tabasco.  It's delicious and spicy.  And now my dream is that someone from the Tabasco corporation will see this post somehow and send me some.

Thanks in advance, Tabasco person.

2.  I looked up my credit score the other day.  It's wayyyy better than I thought it was, which after the troublesomeness (Yeah, it's a word... that I made up) of the past few years, was a bit of a happy surprise.  I now have new found motivation to save for a house for me and the crew.


3.  The twins wanted two kisses apiece this morning when I left them at daycare.  Lovely toddler kisses.  And it was an added bonus that neither of them stuck a tongue out at the last minute.  They do that sometimes.

4.  I'm back home!

5.  I have found that my oldest daughter is crafty.  Not sneaky; I mean she loves crafts.  She's actually the opposite of sneaky.  She's terrible at hiding things.  She's very upfront and honest and loud, and I like these things about her.  But she also loves making things and drawing, and as an art history major and crafter myself, this pleases me greatly.  Now we have something to bond over.

6.  My feet are chilly.  While that may not cause immediate cheerfulness, I am cheerfully looking forward to putting on my warm, soft, cozy socks.

7.  My son loves hanging out with me.  He's three, and it probably won't last long.  I'm loving it while it lasts.

8.  My friends and family make me laugh... intentionally.

9.  I got a gift card to Old Navy, and I used it.  I have a package coming with clothes for me!  Not the kids, me.  Me, me, me, me, me.  I was told I wasn't supposed to spend it on the kids this time.

Ouch.  Don't twist my arm.

10.  God loves me.  And while that should always be enough, sometimes I forget.

But I'm remembering now.  (Insert smile here.)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I have been absent.


Good reason, actually.

Farewell to hectic city life...

Hello again to relaxed Florida life... and friends we missed... and loverly weather...


Still getting settled in, though.  So hope to get revved up again soon on the old blog-a-rooni.  

See you soon...