Crafty Things

I'm on a mission:  To exploit generations of brilliant crafters to create a world, and more importantly, a home of creativity, warmth, fun, and artistic expression for my family -- a world that is uniquely us that we can also share.

Therefore to continue to begin...

Crochet:  My mom taught me when I was pretty young.  I thought it was boring then.  I think it's awesome now.  She told me that would happen.  Sometimes you just have to age and mellow a bit to appreciate things.  I've managed to complete a few sizeable projects and expect that with this skill I will be able to create a homier home.

Knitting:  This is my grandmother's brilliant area of expertise.  (Is it too much to ask that my family move 3,000 miles or so to be near me so that I can have conveniently timed and placed crafting consultations?  I think not.) I learned a tiny bit before, but I'm officially teaching myself now.

Sewing:  On a home, crafty level of course.  My mom actually has a degree in fashion design, and I do live extremely close to her thank heavens.  And while I'll never be par with her level of mastery, I would love, on the other hand, to be able to make wee Easter frocks for the munchkins -- the girl munchkins, of course.  Leif will need tough, manly Easter neckties.

And sewing brings us to...

Quilting:  My great-grandmother and my grandmother have assembled many, many beautiful quilts.  They tried to pass a teensy bit down to me, but I'm practically starting from scratch here.  Fortunately, my awe-inspiring and beautiful great-grandmother bequeathed me quilting books and a sewing desk which contains a Singer 600E from 1964.  (See above.)  I love metal sewing machines.  It was so thoughtful of her, it gives me a great joyful feeling in my middle when I think of it.

Home Renovations:  Okay.  So this may not fall into the realm of arts and crafts, but as a single mom, boy howdy, am I glad my dad taught me how to use tools.  My great-grandfather was a carpenter, too, and I have a brother and sister-in-law that have shown me there aren't many limits to what you can accomplish to make your home your own.  So now I can't wait to have a home to experiment on.  I hope to be fearless.

I know you can't see me, but I'm a much more smiley person since I've undertaken this mission.  Well... for this and other reasons.  I'm grateful to God for soooo much.  But I digress.

Happy crafting.