Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ups and Downs

The Fail:  

I scurry over to the salon during the munchkins' nap time to get a quick pedicure on Sunday.

(Note:  Even when pursuing a frugal mindset, in a climate where one wears flip-flops 10 months out of the year at least, it is imperative, I believe, to budget in a pedicure once or twice a month.  FYI.)

So anyway, I get there, and I'm feeling pretty groovy because I've remembered to bring some crochet to work on and was making great gains in it and completely falling into a wonderful and productive comfortable pampered zone.  I picked out a beautiful, bright, ever-so-slightly bluish green color for my oh-so cute toes, which my awesome pedicurist applies expertly.

Feeling like a normal, put together, lady-like human being.

Then she goes to put on my shoes.

Sigh.  Normal, put together, lady-like human being feeling gone.

Friends, I'm wearing two non-matching flip-flops to the salon, and I'm once again in frazzled-mom zone.

Oh, well.  At least my toes look snappy.

The Score:

These came in the mail last week.  

Ever since I was a little girl with an Australian pen pal, I've had a thing for getting mail/packages from other countries.  So cool!  Am I the only one?

So I was pretty psyched when these arrived from Ukraine.  I mean, I have to even study the packaging for a bit before I can even open it.  Maybe I should get out more.  But I love these earrings from Lepun and the sweet wrapping they came in.  I've been wearing them for the past three days, and I think they look neat with my pixie hairdo.

Anything interesting happen to you over the weekend?

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