Monday, March 28, 2011

Lord, I Was Born a Ramblin' Man...

Well, maybe not a ramblin' man.  If I was, my parents have some splainin' to do.  (Sorry -- I Love Lucy reruns yesterday.  I thought it was time my children were exposed to the classics.)

Enough with the mixed pop culture references, though.  I have been MIA from this blog.  Sometimes it feels like everything comes down on you at once.  No excuses, though.  I've missed getting on here.  But as I am now getting over a stomach bug, I feel I will need to ease back in slowly... So I'm lobbing a softball here. 

In case you were wondering (and don't pretend that you weren't), here are 10 of the places I would love, love, love to go someday.  Even when I am sick in bed, I dream of travel.  One day...

1.  Ireland.  (see picture above, sigh)  One of my college professors once asked me if I was Irish because he heard all Irish people have an innate desire to return to Ireland.  I have no idea.  I believe I've narrowed down a good percentage of my roots to somewhere in the local of the British Isles.  I suspect I'm Welsh... and therefore maybe just a bit confused or geographically challanged.

2.  Costa Rica.  I had an opportunity to go here in high school with the Environmental Club.  Yep, Environmental Club.  I was a super cool tree hugger back in the day.  I have lost a tiny bit of the activist zeal, but I figure that's because now I'm a busy super cool kid hugger now.  My own kids.  Not random kids.  Unless they hug me first.

3.  Germany.  I love all the German people I meet.  It must be a fun place, especially since they remodeled it back in the '90s.  (Haha political humor... nothing?... okay.)  Plus I'm a big fan of good beer.  I don't think I need any other reasons.

4.  Turkey.  Turkish coffee.  Haggia Sophia.  Vastly different culture. 

5.  Israel.  It's a Christian thing... 

6.  Flagstaff, Arizona. I've actually been here.  It was beautiful.  Actually, I have absolutely loved every national park I've ever been to.  Yellowstone, Black Hills, Eureka, et cetera.  Support your national parks, and get out there; they're wonderful.  Which leads me to...

7.  Camping... Anywhere...  It's not an actual place, but I like to put it down because it's actually doable in the near future.  I like to say that since I could never get anyone to go with me, I bred my own camping buddies.  They are my minions, and they have no choice.  Mwah-hahaha!  Now, I just have to wait until their old enough. 

8.  China.  They have that great wall... (hahaha... still nothing?... oh, well.)

9.  Paris.  Food, art, architecture, wine.

10.  Budapest.  East meets West in a beautiful, beautiful way. 

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