Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Friday

Here's to the telecommute day.

Here's to getting to drink coffee so strong you could stand a spoon up in it instead of the daily gamble brewed by the inconsistently cantankerous man in the cafeteria at work.  (This is after putting a ton of half-and-half in it.  Yummmm.)

Just kidding, inconsistently cantankerous coffee man.  Please don't spit in my coffee.

Here's to having a bit of time to research the perfect recipe for making deliciously strong iced coffee (FOUND IT!  see: Pioneer Woman - Perfect Iced Coffee) to take to work to save paying money for aforementioned daily gamble made by inconsistently cantankerous coffee man.  (I've tried to take hot coffee to work, but by the time I get to enjoy it, it's disgustingly lukewarm.  Ew.  Coffee either needs be very hot or very cold and very, very strong.  Don't mess with my standards.)

Here's to my sweet, sweet at-home work set-up.  Yes, that is my great-grandmother's antique sewing table.  Yes, that is a TV tray for my awesome ergo keyboard.  Yes, that is evidence of my mad organization skills scattered round my laptop.  Don't be jealous because I'm fancy.

Here's to being able to wash bibs and towels, listen to NPR, eat a terribly messy egg and cheese sandwich bagel, wait for the cable guy, work on my intellectually stimulating blog (don't laugh), and sketch room organization plans whilst waiting for my next assignment. 

I can't help it.  It's a good morning.  Have a wonderful Friday!

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