Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Mountain of Rosemary

This is the magnificent rosemary bush.  It's been left to its own devices and would have (but for some very stubborn mexican petunias) taken over my mom's garden by now.  Loving rosemary like we do, we have decided not to get rid of such a beautiful and productive plant, but rather to eat it.  It has been said by a beloved critical mind that this will be impossible, that we cannot possibly come up with enough uses for it, and it should go.

The challenge is on.  

As we speak (so to speak) there is a a loaf of Rosemary Batter Bread (recipe found in a Williams Sonoma bread book) in the oven placed there by an unpaid, and yet, practically professional bread maker.  

Dinner is going to be fantastic.  And the house smells wonderful.

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