Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rosemary Round-Up #1

Rosemarypalooza has begun.  

I hope you like rosemary.  I do.  It's delightful.  I'm so glad there's an enormous bush of rosemary we need to consume rather than a giant cilantro plant.  I may be a quarter Mexican, but that's not enough, apparently, to conquer the blech I have for cilantro.

But rosemary... ah, rosemary is lovely.  So since we have now been challenged to find things to make with this delicious plant, it's on.  And here is our first -- Rosemary Batter Bread.  It's so good, we're actually fighting over who it really belongs to and who may be eating more than their fair share of it (ahem... certain mothers of certain blog authors).  We used the Williams-Sonoma recipe, but if you Google "rosemary batter bread," you can certainly find a comparable recipe.  It goes really well with cheese and cold grilled chicken or salami as you can see here.

In case your wondering -- yes, that is (clockwise from the top) hard salami, doux de montagne, some herb wine cheese I can't remember the name of, and emmentaler.  Glad you asked.  We have a great cheese supplier at our farmer's market.

Also, we prefer using a mixture of whole wheat flour and all purpose flour as well as olive oil in place of shortening.  (Actually, I'll use olive oil in place of just about everything.)  And online recipes for batter bread use a mixture of herbs (preposterous) whereas we just used a mess of rosemary.  Mmmm...

Yesterday, we made popcorn with rosemary infused oil from Giada di Laurentiis.  It was one of my favorite recipes long ago when I was a single gal.  It's sooo good.  That and a bottle of chilled dry white wine... magnifique.

This is after infusing the olive oil with rosemary.  I didn't get a picture of the popcorn.  I was too busy eating it.  And you don't need to see a picture of me stuffing my piggy face with mounds of delicious rosemary popcorn, do you?

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