Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Sometime's I'm too practical (and sometimes not).

I've been called a cynic once or twice (but mostly an optimist... I hope).

In the past I've been able to talk myself out of the frivolous or unnecessary, but I've found that as I get older and responsibilities get more pressing, it takes an added effort to make sure to include the fun and silly and "unnecessary" things of life.

So in celebration of having three little girls,  I have decided I'm going to throw girly birthday parties, paint tiny fingernails, continue on my search for pixie dust retailers, embrace pink, pink, and more pink (if they want to), and continually seek ways to help them celebrate their girlishness in as much as it goes with their personalities.

Rose's family mermaid birthday party is this weekend.  Yayyy!  Shhhh.  It's a surprise.  

So in that vein, I'm in the middle of making tutus for all of us.  Well, the tutus (and ensuing dress-up madness) are for them; the pictures will be for me.  

They like tutus.

And pink.

Crafts are fun; girl crafts are girly fun.  

I'll let you know how they turn out.

Don't worry.  Leif won't be left out.  We like all his boyishness, too.


That's my manly sound.

Never mind.

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