Friday, January 6, 2012

Sweet Addiction

Rose along with has inspired me.

My name is MP, and I'm an Etsy-browse-a-holic.

Oh, brother.  I've got the crafting bug.  It is both wonderful and terrible.  Wonderful for joie de vivre.  Terrible (possibly) for the pocketbook.

I will try to be reasonable.

I will try to be practical.

I will look at the supplies I already have, and I will try not to get sucked into the usual crafter's dilemma of...

Oops.  Too late.

Now, I have ideas.  And every time I investigate that idea, it leads to another idea.  I have idea overload, which of course will lead to project overload and a plethora of half-finished projects.  But I am resolved to be organized and not begin another project before the one before is complete.  I will pace myself.  Unfortunately, at the moment, all my spare seconds are being swallowed up by browsing an endless supply of supplies and inspiration on Etsy.

No need to feed or bathe the kids.  Mama needs to find the best price on 325 yards of tulle.

The house is burning down?  Hold on.  I'm trying to locate the perfect quilt pattern.  I'll meet you on the lawn in a few. 

Can you blame me?  Endless possibility...

So I'll probably need some of these.

I don't know what I'll do with this yet, but I know I'll think of something.

This is absolutely crucial.

And this needs to get here yesterday.

That's the tip of the iceberg...

A beautiful, delightful, homemade iceberg.

Fortunately, Rose's birthday is coming.  Such a beautiful and nearly unselfish excuse to make things!  Then my mom's, and then...  well, everybody.  

Whether you like it or not.

You're welcome.

I must be feeling a bit of a nesting vibe, because I also feel the need to cook and bake.  But that subject, and all the wonderful, delicious calories therein, are for another post.

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