Thursday, January 19, 2012


I love how I can do that.  Two minutes on and my little cell phone snapshot in a pizzeria turns into the portrait that was meant to be.  Picnik is one of my best friends ever, at least till I can get a proper camera once again.

Ahh... wish list.

Not that my tiny, green Fuji point-and-shoot isn't lovely.  It was my 29th birthday present to myself when myself really needed a birthday present.  I would love to be the type who usually bought birthday presents for herself, but myself always talks myself out of it.  But that birthday came at a bad time, and it so happened I didn't have a camera.  Hence the little, green Fuji, which I am now becoming sentimentally attached to as I think about it.

I'd better stop.

I've been lazily not blogging for the past week, mostly because since my recent re-fascination back into the crafting world, I've been getting my projects started and together, whilst attempting to remain somewhat organized.

It's half working.  My projects are going nicely, but my bathroom cleaning regimen is suffering.  Which I am determined to tend to after I key in this itty bitty entry.

I also plan on keeping track, pictorially, my projects to make this blog even more riveting.

Ha!  Just when you thought that couldn't happen.

At least I'm excited.  I can't help it.  So many ideas.  That's what happens when you put together caffeine and a person with the attention span of a --

Hey, what's that over there?

Until tomorrow.

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