Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'll Procrastinate Later

I may be the world's best procrastinator.  I procrastinate my procrastination.  Four feet away from me this very instant is a large pile of clean children's laundry that is mocking me.

I'm not crazy.  If you were here, you'd hear it, too.  We have very rude and weird laundry here.

But I digress.

Never mind the fact that I have had time to fold this laundry throughout the day.

Never mind the fact that today (and this is big for me) I actually wanted to fold the laundry because, in fact, the laundry was a tool to facilitate the procrastination of another large to-do.  And I was looking forward, optimistically, (Is that redundant?  Oh well.)  to having a lovely, organized dresser/closet in the kids' bedroom.

I am pretty sure I did something productive during my non-work time today.

Does Google-ing recipes count as productive???

What gets me is that I was able to procrastinate this chore without even having to think about it.  I was able to little by little push what is right now in my peripheral vision, to the back, back, back burner without even making the conscious decision to do so.

I think I'm loosing my marbles.

So now I'm looking at the clock and looking at the laundry and looking back at the clock...

.. and writing this blog post.

Of course.

So right now, I intend to get up, walk over to the laundry...

... and go to the kitchen for a cookie.

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