Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fruity Goodness

Sigh.  Memories...

Anywhoo...  I'm not a big vegetable person or even a big fruit person.  I was a born pub-food fan.  I like potatoes, I like cheese, and most of all, I am carnivorous.  Like a T-Rex.  I want steak, and I want it mooing.

My parents used to say when I was growing up that my steak needed a tourniquet.  If you're not a rare meat eater, that may be gross to you, but it's heaven for me.

My mom also figured I'd marry a butcher.

It could still happen.

It's not that I don't like vegetables, it's just when I'm hungry, which is often, I don't want to mess with them.  I mean, I love brussel sprouts, broccoli, asparagus... mostly the green ones.  And fruit, too.  But when my stomach is grumbly, it doesn't really occur to me for more than three seconds that an apple is going to hit the spot.  So I invest time in denser foods.

Football foods.

Southern foods.

Yummy, heavy food.

Which brings me to my third pregnancy.  (How's that for a non sequitur?)  I was being pretty well taken care of toward the end of it, ironically, after my husband left.  (Go figure, but that's a story for another day... or maybe never.)  My brother, Wine Guy, had stayed with me for a while, and then my wonderfully awesome grandparents stayed with Rose, Leif, and I for about three months for before and after the twins were born.  But even when they had to leave for a weekend, my brother's mother-in-law (Do I have an amazing family or what?) came to stay from about four states away.  And before she came down, my brother apparently told her, "If you don't make vegetables for her, she won't eat them."


What am I, four?

The NERVE of some... oh, all right.

So she did.  And we ate them.  And they were good.

But before you call child services on this woman who was pregnant, ate nothing but stereotypical guy food (Can someone please bring me some ribs and/or beefy nachos?), and was fortunate not to have little, short-armed, sharp-teeth, pot-bellied, mutant T-Rex babies instead of those sweet, precious darlings you see above, I did have a secret produce-based weapon.  And I am only just now willing to besmirch my carnivorous reputation to share this with you here today.

I found this recipe while going through my little, blue recipe box given to me by my darling sister-in-law, Chef Girl, who I still want to be when I grow up.

She also put in delicious baby food recipes.  (I may have to share them with you some day... or maybe never.)

But here it is.  Scrumptious for the pregnant and non-pregnant alike:

By the way, not much of a measurer either, so just eyeball it.

Mama Poobah's Pregnant-with-Twins Smoothie
A couple cups of Frozen Fiesta Fruit (or frozen papayas, pineapples, mangos, and strawberries if you can't find that in your frozen section)

1/2 cup of Whole Vanilla Yogurt

1 Banana

2 tbsp Flaxseed

Orange Juice

Coconut Extract  (A few drops go a ways.)

A good healthy drizzle of Honey to taste

Blend.  Enjoy.  Share with those you love or even just like a little bit.

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